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This is a discussion on Well, well, well... within the Off-Topic forums, part of the Veloster Turbo Forum category; Some of you may remember the user formerly known as -X-. Some of you wondered why he was suddenly banned without warning. I have returned. ...

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Thread: Well, well, well...

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    Exclamation Well, well, well...

    Some of you may remember the user formerly known as -X-.

    Some of you wondered why he was suddenly banned without warning.

    I have returned. For how long, I'm unsure. I was planning a graceful lowering of my status from vendor to regular user, as the ridiculous cost of maintaining a vendorship here was reducing our R&D funds. I already had a website paid for since 2014, so I decided to utilize it and save some coin, but it was going to be migrated over a longer period of time than I intended.

    One night I was informed that an overzealous admin was poking around my private messages due to being flagged for "spam activity" and promoting a "competitive site." Yes, I was sending PRIVATE (but apparently, not really private) messages to previous customers regarding my new site for Xe. I'm not in the business of setting up forums and selling accounts; I create performance parts for VTs. I'll admit that I was a few weeks late in sending my quarterly payment, so that appears to be the biggest reason.

    The admin told the other staff that my account would be banned the following day and so I spent all night archiving as many threads as possible and removing everything from my profile.

    I emailed my AG account contact and he basically told me his hands were tied as he had no access to keep my account active. He said he'd follow up with the admins and I never heard back from him.

    Anyway, there was a complete lack of respect from the admin staff for all the information I provided and work I had done over 3+ years to help the community here, plus due to the fact that I had no way to contact them after being banned (without being issued any messages/warnings, by the way), I felt it was time to come back and set the record straight. So, there you go. They're all about the cash and couldn't care less about the community.

    Don't try PMing me, as I don't have it enabled, because private messages mean nothing here.

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    Lol is this real?

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    X, this forum hasn't been the same since you were banned. Far greater loss for veto.org than for you bud.
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    Anyone has a GIF with a microphone being dropped? Psssshhhh...
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    Welcome back!
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    Your legend lives on....

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    A golf clap ensues...

    Any, and I mean ANY, forum is set up and run for profit. Through membership fees and advertising they cover their cost and also have to have minimal profit to offset technology costs. The heart and soul of a forum is its members but the backbone is whoever is funding it. Your input was valued here but I can see their point. When you're sending forum messages letting people know about another website, forum, or business, and you carry a respected level of influence, it doesn't take long for any forum to put the kibosh on the perpetrator.

    By the way, messaging on FB isn't private either. It's all the property of whoever runs/owns the site.
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    the vendor fee is what keeps vendors from joining our slower site at the other org. the AG vendor fee is outrageous. i was going to become a vendor on toyotanation years ago (corolla owners will buy ANYTHING that says corolla on it) but the fees made that a laughable venture.
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