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Anyone install Custom Car Grills mesh?

This is a discussion on Anyone install Custom Car Grills mesh? within the Veloster Appearance forums, part of the Veloster Turbo Garage category; Originally Posted by jimlloyd40 If you can do it yourself that one will save you a lot of money.I didn't have the time or expertise ...

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Thread: Anyone install Custom Car Grills mesh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimlloyd40 View Post
    If you can do it yourself that one will save you a lot of money.I didn't have the time or expertise so I just purchased the Turbosocks's mesh grill. Fits perfectly.One warning on these mesh grills. You lose the bumper support in the middle of the stock grill. The problem with that is all the stress of the weight of the grill will be now placed on the spot where the grill is supported by the headlights. It's just two plastic molded onto the headlight pieces that will break from the weight. Mine broke on the passenger headlight already causing the bumper to sag at that spot by about 1/4 ". Only way to fix it is to buy a headlight assembly and that's cost prohibitive and would probably break again.It doesn't look so bad and most people won't notice but I do and it's driving me nuts. If anybody has an idea how to support it at that spot I'm all ears.
    Regarding additional supports to keep the bumper from sagging, it looks like some high density foam blocks or rubber blocks (preferably with self sticking adhesive backing) could be placed up at the top of the bumper, between the top of the radiator structure and the black plastic of the upper bumper (the black plastic piece that has the 4 or 6 bolts it in, that the bumper hangs from, under the hood around the hood latch, that large piece of continuous black plastic) ... Place spacers between the plastic and the radiator to "lift" upward on the entire bumper assembly... That would be attempt #1.

    Then again more spacers or an additional piece of fabricated plastic, down in the area below the factory "splitter" lip, where the bottom of the bumper toe-nails back into the lower radiator support structure. Just to push the bumper outward 1/4" or so at the bottom. Reason I suspect this might be a good place is because on mine, pulling outward on the bottom of the bumper takes a large portion of the twisting tension off the bumper mounts where the bumper clips into the leading edge of the front fenders (these clips are just past the headlights, on the seam between bumper and fender)... Those clips there carry a large portion of the stress when wind pushes the bumper into the car while driving. Tippet auto design also has a bumper quick release kit that goes right at this seam and that kit might also help to support the bumper and close down any gaps that form.

    If you have a Pierce crash bar, this seam is also where a gap will form between the fender and bumper from the lack of support. It appeared on my VT after I installed my crash bar because I removed a lot of internal plastics to make the crash bar more visible and to make space for the bar itself. Maybe rubber spacers between the crash bar and the inside of the bumper itself would push out just enough to take stress off the joints and restore the bumper to it's factory location...

    Additional supports in these locations, attacking the problem from above, below, and in the middle, seem like a good place to start. If I get the time to try any of this in the coming weeks I'll post some pics, but it may be a while, my work schedule is very busy here...

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    I have it as well. My bumper doesn't sag, but the hood gap is annoying. I haven't gotten around to correcting it, yet.

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    I have the Tork intercooler and crash bar. I attached a few twist ties from behind so it won't sag any further but the problem is at the headlight. There are just 2 pieces of molded on plastic as part of the headlight assembly and that's where it sags. There is nowhere in that area to provide lift.

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    My bumper sags about a 1/8th of February an inch after this mod, but hell, it's way better than that ughly brick ever was..
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    Awesome, Thanks for the pic showing the H emblem being left in. There's a good chance I'll be doing that due to the fact the precut grill I received looks to be too short vertically even when just placing it against the front of the car. Should at least be able to cheat some material and still leave my H emblem in.

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