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This is a discussion on 15 psi within the Veloster Performance forums, part of the Veloster Turbo Garage category; I recently did the Tork wastegate mod, and I was hitting 18.5 psi. Now I’m only at 15 again, the same as before the mod, ...

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    15 psi

    I recently did the Tork wastegate mod, and I was hitting 18.5 psi. Now I’m only at 15 again, the same as before the mod, but I did start using 93 octane.......would the 93 octane cause my boost to go down, or is my wastegate just trash?

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    1. the wastegate mod is trash... (there is actually good info on wastegate adjustment for neccessity on this forum though)
    2. 93 octane did not make you lose 3.5psi of boost
    3. need more info - see below

    When you talk about boost are you talking about peak boost or how much you hold through a pull??

    so.... If I am following the bouncing ball here. You were peaking around 15psi before the mod (a little low but still as per the usual for a base Turbo so that is normal boost levels). then you did the wastegate mod and you were peaking 18.5 psi for some period of time. now that you've been driving after the mod you are back to peaking at 15 psi. Sound about right?

    if I am reading you correct, I do not think you have a junk wastegate and 15psi is what your ECU is trying to keep you at. my guess here is that you did the mod, drove and about 100 miles or so later the PSI leveled back off at 15psi. this is likely due to the ECU learning the new conditions and adjusting to get you right back to where it wants you.

    regarding the wastegate mod in general - the reason there is an adjustment on the wastegate is that over time it might wear and become "open" slightly which could leak boost. This would cause innefficincy as the car would have to work harder to create the levels of boost the ECU is looking for. So, a small adjustment to the Wastegate can be made to bring it back into equalibrium. Fooling the motor by closing it more is inadvisable as it A) disrupts equalibrium and B) the ECU does everything it can to bring the car back to the values it wants to see anyway and will compensate however it can in other areas.

    .....OR.... your wastegate is just trash
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    There is a proper setting for the Wastegate in the FSM
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