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  1. Evilla's X-brace

    Product Reviews
    Thought I'd post up my review of the x-brace sold by Evilla and Pierce Motorsports. As the pictures show these install from the subframe to the chassis to stiffen up this area and keep the flex out. Great brace as it is and does exactly what it's supposed to do. But something seemed...
  2. EVilla Motorsports x-brace

    Product Reviews
  3. Battery temp sensor

    Veloster Maintenance
    Yeah it's an Accent but there's so many Veloster aftermarket parts on the car it's pretty much a Veloster I my book. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ I've used dielectric grease but hated the greasy mess it leaves behind. The bullfrog actually works the same but leaves little to no residue compared to grease. I've...
  4. Battery temp sensor

    Veloster Maintenance
    I use a product called BullFrog electronic cleaner/ corrosion prevention for all my battery connections. This product is legit and been using it for years for ground connections and anything electric/ electronic that is exposed to the outdoor environment. I'll also be keeping tabs on this...
  5. Cat-back exhaust.

    Veloster Performance
    OP may have been referring to the thread sizing of the nuts, could be wrong though. He's replacing them. πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
  6. Cat-back exhaust.

    Veloster Performance
    Unless your car is driven in the Northern areas where they use road salts the nuts should be reusable. There will be rust on them but if you use a penetrating oil to loosen them, letting other sink into the threads you'll be able to remove with little issue. Also if you're going to use the...
  7. 1 inch spacer for veloster turbo

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    My max plate spacer (7mm) I used safely was on my 1993 Toyota Paseo. I also had the McGard lugs on the Paseo. 12 years with that setup and 175,000 miles later I never had an issue with the 7mm plates. Good luck and post up a pic or 2 when it's finished or it never happened. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
  8. 1 inch spacer for veloster turbo

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    I'm turning at least 4-5 full turns before torque on stock studs. Never had an issue and personally would t go bigger than 6mm on a spacer. Im also using McGard lug nuts which are known to be stronger than stock lugs. Ive used McGard lugs in all my builds and they've lasted for the life of...
  9. 1 inch spacer for veloster turbo

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    I'm using 6mm billet spacers with a 54mm hub centric opening and having only 4x100 holes for the studs. Im able to use the stock studs and still have enough full turns of the lug nuts for good strength while torquing them to 90lbft. Never had a problem with these and the car is driven hard.
  10. Adding one 12" and an amp to 2013 VT with Dimension package

    Veloster Electronics
    This forum is quite informative. As the original poster stated he was new to audio and wiring so to post up some technical electronic/ electrical information would do nothing to help him out. Crutch field is a good source of information and in explaining the basics of amp installations With...
  11. Oil Catch Can Install

    Veloster Performance
    You running a 3 port or 2 port catch can or 2 two port catch cans? More info would be nice to hep you. πŸ‘
  12. Short shifter installed....almost need advice

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Looks great and love the new boot. 😍 Glad you got it going. Happy for ya. Some things are worth the effort when it's all said and done. Also since you say it doesn't feel as precise as the original, did you look into making an adjustment in the cables at the base of the shifter assembly...
  13. Battery temp sensor

    Veloster Maintenance
    Nothing but to clean up the engine bay with better wiring and to replace the factory terminals with something better. All my engine bay grounds have been redone, all mounting points for the grounds have been scraped to metal and reattached, and positive and negative posts ave been changed to...
  14. Clutch switch mod, always on trial

    Veloster Performance
    I've had the clutch switch unplugged for some time now but decided to put a switch on it. I did not cut into any of the 2 wires when attaching the switch but used .250 terminal connectors to hook directly into the connector that plugs into the upper clutch switch. This saved the wiring from...
  15. Battery temp sensor

    Veloster Maintenance
    Has anybody removed their battery temperature sensor and disconnected from their negative post of their battery. I'm asking this as I just did this in my car since I'm doing some electrical work (upgrading the wire and connections) on the battery's hot and ground cables. I understand what...
  16. So, I just bought a CPO Veloster Turbo in the Tampa area...hear me out

    Veloster Performance
    You may have had the upper clutch switch disconnected which can have the same effect on what you described. I did this on my car and revs don't hang up and the pops and gurgles make it sound like there's more to it when I decelerate. Check the switch at the top of the clutch check pedal...
  17. What did you do/get for your Veloster today?

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
  18. Aftermarket parts from teardown.

    For Sale
    You take PayPal? Zip code is 39565 Let me know. Interested.
  19. Aftermarket parts from teardown.

    For Sale
    How much for the throttlebody spacer? Thanks.
  20. Oil filtration and interesting info

    Veloster Maintenance
    Very interested so spill the beans. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ I'm not rich but my builds are always built to last and to be driven. Thanks. By the way I will be adding a Mishimoto oil cooler to the build and the thermostatically controlled sandwich plate if that helps you. πŸ‘
1-20 of 39 Results