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  1. Title, insurance, family questions

    Hey all, I searched all over the internet and have some general idea on this topic but still wanted to see if there were experts on here. I have a 2018 Elantra with the loan in my name living in Indiana. My parents recently got into a wreck, car is totalled, they owed more than the car value...
  2. sold my old car, got some problems...

    its a little ole 95 ES300 haha
  3. sold my old car, got some problems...

    Hi all, I live in indiana, and I sold my old lexus to a private buyer on 1/14/2018. I have the bill of sale. I took it to dmv to "unregister" my name off the car and return the tag. They told me that the form was filled out incorrectly and that i need to have the buyer fill it out again OR wait...
  4. WTB stock bypass valve

    Want To Buy
    Hi friends, I am in need of the stock bypass valve. Mine has a small tear and it is throwing a CEL. This is the part I am referring to, just in case it is not called a bypass valve, although I am pretty sure. I am looking to buy asap! I don't know how much they go for, I am saying $40 for...
  5. WTB: stock rims

    Want To Buy
    I am located in champaign, IL. In need of stock 18 inch rims. I only just need 1 wheel, but if the price is right, I will take 4 rims and even 4 tires as well. in relative rush, since my current rim is cracked and slowly leaking air. I have seen these sell for $200/4 rims, or even $100/4 rims...
  6. 2013 Veloster Survivors!

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    2013 with this many miles. CEL is from a tear in the diverter valve. =( other than that, no issues aside from rattles and blown speakers...ugh
  7. Good places to live in Indiana

    Midwest Owners
    Howdy guys, I am currently attending Indiana University. I got a job in Carmel, IN and will start working in may. Since I am not familiar with Indiana, I need some opinions on good places to start a family in Indiana. We prefer a safe, family friendly neighborhood. Me and my wife don't drink or...
  8. 2017 Elantra Sport in action

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    if the I30 turbo ever comes to the states, i'll take it
  9. Scratch Repair

    Veloster Turbo Detailing
    from my experience, if the scratch is white, that means it's only the clear coat. I just rubbed it off with some scratch-x and a microfiber towel. It looked like nothing happened lol also, looks like you need some of this: 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Gloss Black Rear Reflector Decals Pair | eBay
  10. used BOV

    Want To Buy
    no, I think our stock ones are BPV, not BOV. I am looking for a used aftermarket one. Thanks tho
  11. used BOV

    Want To Buy
    hey guys, in the market for a second hand BOV, please let me know, thank you!
  12. For Sale Rear reflector decal (Reflective Decal)

    For Sale
    lmao thats hilarious!!
  13. For Sale Rear reflector decal (Reflective Decal)

    For Sale
    hmm, good thoughts, I would think the people who are into modding our cars (in any level) would also be on the forums as well. I thought it was weird how the response was so different between the 2 sites. I sold over 10 in 2 days, but nothing for a long time here...=(
  14. For Sale Rear reflector decal (Reflective Decal)

    For Sale
    can someone tell me why there is ZERO interest on here, while on FB page, people are buying them all??!?
  15. 2017 Elantra Sport

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    they have the i30 turbo in europe which is the elantra GT sport (1.6T). The new elantra sport, atleast the ones in korea have fully independent rear suspension and is getting very good reviews on driving dynamics. Over in Korea, the Elantra (Avante for them) was always the boring car, but after...
  16. Max Brakes

    Veloster Brakes
    okay, so I was able to install the front rotors and pads!! took long enough! here are some pics:
  17. Max Brakes

    Veloster Brakes
    real quick, whats the type of screw used for the 2 rotors?? will need 2 more since I screwed it up
  18. Max Brakes

    Veloster Brakes
    yea! I called my local hardware stores, but no one had them. I'm gonna have to go to Walmart...ugh...I hate Walmart
  19. Max Brakes

    Veloster Brakes
    okay, I failed (half way) I was successfully able to remove the calipers, those 2 bolts were on there TIGHT, but I somehow managed to hand loosen them. But I stripped the 2 screws on the rotors...I was super careful but it felt like the screws were so soft, even a little force was enough to...
  20. Max Brakes

    Veloster Brakes
    Thanks. another question, do I HAVE to use a torque wrench for the caliper bolts...?
1-20 of 437 Results