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  1. GAUGING INTEREST: R-spec Design for Products

    Felonious Assault Design
    Now that we have quite a few more of you R-spec guys and gals on Felonious Assault Design has put together two designs for you all to choose from to be used on hats, hoodies, tees and other products! It's about time for those of you with the R-spec badge to be able to display it...
  2. Another MARCH FADness DEAL!

    Felonious Assault Design
    Well, it's March. And I am overstocked.'s time for a clearance event and why not call it March FADness?! Next up for sale: IMPRINTED VT LANYARDS! Here's your chance to get one of only 100 of these made! I have 15 of these available. They are made from a durable nylon, with a...
  3. Karbon Koncepts - Weathertech Floorliner Digitalfit Floor Mats

    Karbon Koncepts
    Is Proud to Offer: Hyundai Veloster Weathertech Floorliner Digital Fit Floor Mats | Karbon Koncepts Description: [*=left]Just in time for the winter season. Weathertech brings you their Floorliner Digitalfit All season floor mats for your 2011+ Hyundai Veloster. [*=left]In the quest...
  4. FINALLY HERE! FOR SALE: VT Short Lanyards/Keytags

    Felonious Assault Design
    After plenty of demand and lots of searching, FELONIOUS ASSAULT DESIGN WILL NOW OFFER: VT KEYTAGS! These keytags are made from a durable twill material. We use an embroidered design to ensure these will be long lasting and tough. Your new VT Keytag is 3cm x 13cm or approximately 1" x 5" in...