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  1. Veloster Performance
    Hey guys, so I'm happy with the car just want a lil more power and responsiveness and try to get to 220whp or just closer to 6.0s 0-60. I'm wanting to go stage 1 from sxth. Just want some advice and if I'm on the right track. I wanna be careful with reliability and not sure if I want an exhaust...
  2. Veloster Turbo Discussions
    I was wondering if the stock exhaust layout on a 2016 VT is enough to handle a cold air intake system or would i need to cutomize that first? Im just looking to get a lil more potential out of this beast. Idk a whole lot about this sort of thing so I couldnt give you a laid out plan. i just know...
  3. Veloster Performance
    Just got my matte grey VT/MT/Ultimate last Sunday. Tint goes on the car Saturday. I have an additional $1,500 to put into the car and am trying to figure out where to get the most bang for my buck. Where did you start your build? Within that price range, what part or parts did you feel gave you...
1-4 of 4 Results