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auto transmission
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  1. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    2013 VT w/ 79000 miles. It’s in sport mode even though it’s in the regular drive position. It shifts like it’s in sports mode and the gears are not slipping when shifting automatically. Neither the paddle shifters or manual knob shift are working. Need help.
  2. Veloster Performance
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some information regarding adding a small radiator to the automatic transmission in my car. Does anyone know of some resources I can use to get this job done correctly? I'm having trouble even finding proof that it can be done. I haven't removed the front bumper yet...
  3. Veloster Turbo Discussions
    One option with the auto transmission that I like is the option to start in manual mode and select 2nd gear. Usually peels the tires and the others sitting next to you at the light disappear in the rear view mirror quickly. New members to this forum may not know about this option since I have...
1-3 of 3 Results