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  1. Veloster Electronics
    I'm and old school CRX "kid" with a '13 VT. While I have some ideas of my own -anyone out there with custom subwoofer enclosure(s) they are happy to share?
  2. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Every time I get in my VT i have to manually change the EQ to my desired settings (Bass +1, Mid +1, Treb -1) and also click the shuffle folder button for my USB playlist. Is there anyway for the car to remember its own settings for its equaliser? Is this problem happening for everybody?
  3. Veloster Electronics
    Hello to all who loves bass as much as I do. One thing that hunts us when we want a booming vehicle is that horrible rattling. mainly in the back. I never owned a hatch. Well I have owned a ford explorer and it was bad. I have a 93 accord and I just have one ten, well its a Toby Sheriff so to...
  4. Veloster Electronics
    Seeing if there are anybody in the DFW area or surrounding locations that is interested in getting your vt with ultimate bass. If anyone is from the Fort Worth area and into the stereo world and especially specifically BASS you have heard of Toby Speakers. Though their ultimate attachments is...
1-4 of 4 Results