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  1. Blue Link notification, make it go away...!!

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    Ever since I got my car tuned by Tork on my spare ECU, this annoying notification would come on whenever i start the car. It won't just go away after a few seconds, I have to press OK every single time. It doesn't seem harmful or anything, but it is repetitive enough to be really annoying. I...
  2. How to stop from keeping track of diagnostics and mileage

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Does anyone know how to disconnect/stop from keeping track of our diagnostics and mileage? When I purchased the VT, I enrolled with BlueLink service promotion. After the promo, I called to cancel the service and a few months later I discovered that they kept track of my mileage...
  3. Unable to navigate to a POI downloaded from the BlueLink App

    Veloster Electronics
    Using the "Destination/send to car" feature on the BlueLink App, the POI is downloaded to the car upon startup, but I haven't found a way to navigate to that point yet. The "View Map" button is grayed out and it is not stored under past POI's. My suspicion is that the system is graying out the...
  4. Blue Link - Maintenance Alert Notification

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Not really a big problem. I just keep being reminded for a 7500 mile maintenance (e-mail, and on the head unit), but I already had that done. Is this something that I can fix on the website or in my car without needing to go to the service? I just though I'd ask here first if any of you had...
  5. What are we losing if we do not renew Hyundai BlueLink

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Ok. So ... can someone please clarify this to me ... I am not a big fan of paying for having a map on my VT, but wanted to give a try or at least, understand why is being offered to me. So far, I can't find or see any map on my VT. Do I have to enable something? What I'm losing if I do not...