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  1. Boost issue?

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    So I put a boost gauge on my 16 VT this weekend and think I may have tapped a vacuum only line? It shows about 10 mmhg vacuum when I am maintaining speed after about 15 seconds cruising, but other than that usually reads zero. Has never shown boost. I tapped the line after the valve on the one...
  2. Complete Guide: Tanabe Boost Gauge, AeroForce Door Pod & 6EE Vacuum Block Install

    Veloster Turbo DIY
    I've searched high and low for a good boost gauge install on this (and several other) websites and I've yet to find one that was a complete start-to-finish guide that even someone who's never picked up a wrench would feel comfortable following along with. I bought my Tanabe boost gauge...
  3. [HELP] Boost Gauge on the VT

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hello, Just got this bad boy yesterday and I'm hoping to install it soon. Thing is that I saw people installing it by drilling through the corner under the battery to make a pass-through for the wires. Isn't there any other way that does not involve drilling? Got my boost gauge for 50$, better...
  4. Boost Gauge tubing location

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hey peeps, I got my new boost gauge in the mail yesterday and after some brief skimming over the top of the firewall and such I only noticed one location for me to route my vacuum tubing inside of the car and it may not reachable from the inside. I plan on getting underneath it today and looking...
  5. A-pillar install from JCS-pods

    Product Reviews
    So recently I reached out to JCS-pods and they were needing some R&D for a single pillar pod. I decided since my plan was to only ever install a boost gauge that a single pod was perfect. so here we go... I emailed JCS and they responded with in 24 hours, very nice guy also. Above you will...
  6. Installed a boost gauge on my A Pillar

    Veloster Appearance
    Updates Below Installed a mechanical boost gauge to my drivers side A pillar. The gauge cup I used just so happened to have a curved mounting plate that matched the curvature of our A pillar's edge. Let me know what you think. Update 24/06/13 So this weekend I finished up with the...
  7. A-Pillar Gauge Coming Soon.

    Veloster Performance
    Hey Guys! I am fairly new on here and have spent a lot of time lurking. I noticed that there was an interest in a gauge pods for our turbos. Well I reached out to some manufacturers and I have some good news. I contacted the owner at, and he is currently working on a single 52mm...
  8. Is there any reason boost cant be turned up a pound or 2

    Veloster Performance
    Plus maybe it would keep my back bumper from turning black every other day. I think im just going to go ahead and install my mbc and bump it up 2 psi i have been waiting around on someone else to do it but looks like im going to be the test dummy.. Will post dyno vid and numbers as well as afr...