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  1. Help! Synapse Engineering, Synchronic DV / BPV / BOV, Prototyping in San Diego!

    Veloster Performance
    Hey guys, I've been talking to the staff at Synapse Engineering. They're the makers of the Synchronic Diverter Valve (DV), an alternative to the BPV or BOV designs we've all seen. Their designs are really impressive (fastest actuation in the industry @ ~25ms) and have great reviews. They have...
  2. Mopar blue plate on my VT

    Veloster Performance
    Just installed a Mopar blue plate on my VT. Works like a charm. It's an easy installation and a cheap solution. Here's some pics:
  3. BPV to BOV 4 FREE!!!

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hey guys just a quick step by step of possibly the simplest thing in the world, Make your BPV a BOV First pick up some Bypass caps from your local autozone/advanced: Then find the hose that routes from the BPV back into your Intake, Pull it off and shove one of the bypass caps on it! Then...