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  1. Calling all Veloster drivers in the 713 H O U S T O N

    Hey what's up everyone! I am the proud new owner of the 2016 veloster rspec. I have a few questions about it if anyone can help me out! The car is used and the previous owner has a K&N CAI installed. I looked that up on google and that is how i came across this forum. My questions are, is the...
  2. "Big Gulp" SRI Intake

    For Sale
    Selling my SRI with filter for Veloster turbo. This one is set up to recirculate but it can be plugged if venting is what is desired. Used for less than a year Small scratches but no structural damage also selling an exhaust-see other ads Price and shipping negotiable EDIT: andrewkthompson...
  3. Engine vibrates high after installing CAI

    Veloster Performance
    Guys, I just installed a K&N cold air intake into my 2013VT. It was a pretty easy install but soon after the install, i noticed that I could feel vibrations through the brake pedal. I opened the hood and the engine and the CAI pipe was vibrating a lot. I have not worked on turbos before so do...
  4. Used Injen Cold Air Intake for Sale $

    Veloster Performance
    - This is a pre-owned Cold Air Intake by Injen. *(Only 12K miles of usage) - It was a great intake, no problems or issues whatsoever. - Only selling because I am making my car stock again and need the extra money (holiday season). - Comes with everything including original boxing...
  5. Beast Mode 3.5" SRI vs CAI

    Turbosocks Performance
    So just a little info for everyone running the 3.5" Beast Mode CAI version.... I got tuned at the Tork Atlanta event this past Saturday and I was running the CAI version of the intake. On the first couple of runs, my car produced lower numbers than the guys at Tork the point they...
  6. WTB Cold Air Intake

    Want To Buy
    Looking to pick up a gently used cold air intake for Veloster Turbo (preferably Injen or AEM) Let me know what you have!
  7. WTB Extension piece to make injen SRI to CAI

    Want To Buy
    I am looking for an extension pipe to turn my injen SRI into the CAI. I do not need a filter, just the extension pipe and coupling. Any suggestions would also be helpful. Also my existing setup is black so a black pipe would be the better option. If I could get the Injen piece that would be...
  8. YamahaR6 's: 2013 Matte Grey MT Veloster Turbo Build.

    Member Rides / Build Threads
    decided I'll do a build thread since I'm off work on vacay and have the time.. I decided to buy the VT after sharing my wife's Mazda 3 for a couple of years then work moved to a new location and could no longer take the GO train to work. before the VT the last vehicle I owned was a 08'...
  9. TS 3" SRI/CAI and Intercooler Resonator Delete Kit

    Veloster Performance
    I've ordered my Turbo Socks 3" SRI/CAI and Intercooler Resonator Delete Kit, can't wait... I didn't want to go Injen since everyone says its extremely loud.
  10. AEM CAI: DIY Installation and Post-Install Opinions

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hi all, I just got the AEM 21-724C cold air intake system for my 2013 VT. This thread is directly "ported" from for my fine friends with VTs. First, a couple of things about my car: I have about 7500 miles on it, have already had my first oil change, and have an A/T. I have long...
  11. Injen CAI and Forge BOV Sounds

    Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    I mounted the GoPro inside the engine compartment today to try and capture the sounds from the intake and the BOV. It's kind of long, but will give you an idea as to what this setup sounds like....Just in case you where wondering. Also, at startup there is quite a bit of noise from the CAI. My...