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  1. Carbon style wrap

    Veloster Turbo News
    so i decided to wrap my fuse box carbon fiber style to give it a cleaner look , not bad i tuink for my first time wraping , dont pay attention to all the dirt lol
  2. Extreme carbon buildup

    Veloster Performance
    So I own the car for a month, always had a bit of a rough idle, nothing concerning, but enough to notice some tiny hickups. So I did the seafoam treatment, since I did the same with my older car and it helped it a lot, despite some call it a myth..whatever. The myth worked for me, almost to...
  3. Karbon Koncepts - D2 Racing RS Series Coilovers

    Karbon Koncepts
    is an authorized distributor for D2 Racing RS Series Coilovers | Karbon Koncepts Description: The RS Series suspension kit is a 36 - way damping and rebound adjustable monotube full coilover system. This coilover has separate height and preload adjustments allowing for optimal suspension...