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  1. For Sale Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust / 845 Motorsports Catless Downpipe

    For Sale
    Got a new car had to let these go, located in Canada Vancouver BC Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust (6000km) SOLD 845 Motorsports Catless Downpipe (Brand new) asking $300 Shipping Extra, PayPal same price usd or canada depends on the buyer its too confushing..
  2. New cat-back next week

    Veloster Turbo Australia
    New Cat-Back Spoke with Daryl at Everlast Mufflers today about doing a cat-back for my VT. Already had a Magnaflow muffler and Y-pipe on me that I bought off Amazon. Quoted me $380-440. Booked in for next Saturday :smile: Even though plenty of people have done a custom Magnaflow exhaust now...
  3. Magnaflow Catback Exhaust (Review)

    Veloster Performance
    So this month I was really debating if I should get an exhaust for my Veloster Turbo. I found the Magnaflow Catback exhaust for $589 and I just had to get one.. Just about 3 DAYS after my purchase, I received my exhaust!! I was going to wait until spring/summer to put it on because It's still...