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  1. Want To Buy
    Anyone have an OEM exhaust and/or OEM downpipe? Preferably in SoCal. Going back to stock and will need to get rid of my CNT catback and Pierce Highflow Downpipe and many other aftermarket parts. Will post on For Sale as soon as I have pics with username.
  2. For Sale
    Got a new car had to let these go, located in Canada Vancouver BC Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust (6000km) SOLD 845 Motorsports Catless Downpipe (Brand new) asking $300 Shipping Extra, PayPal same price usd or canada depends on the buyer its too confushing..
  3. Veloster Turbo Australia
    New Cat-Back Spoke with Daryl at Everlast Mufflers today about doing a cat-back for my VT. Already had a Magnaflow muffler and Y-pipe on me that I bought off Amazon. Quoted me $380-440. Booked in for next Saturday :smile: Even though plenty of people have done a custom Magnaflow exhaust now...
  4. Veloster Performance
    So this month I was really debating if I should get an exhaust for my Veloster Turbo. I found the Magnaflow Catback exhaust for $589 and I just had to get one.. Just about 3 DAYS after my purchase, I received my exhaust!! I was going to wait until spring/summer to put it on because It's still...
1-4 of 4 Results