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  1. FS - ADD W1 Catch Can, Tork Catch Can, Res Delete/Tork Pipe, Sequence-style Front Lip

    For Sale
    For sale - ADD W1 Catch Can, and Sequence style front Lip I live in SoCal 91350. 1. ADD W1 Catch Can in blue - $60 shipped Can works great and all I'd suggest is adding some steel wool inside and getting some good hoses cuz the ones that came with the can sucked and deteriorated. I upgraded my...
  2. Oil catch can setup

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    I installed a crappy chinese oil catch can between my PCV valve and intake manifold, which worked for awhile but eventually the bottom of the OCC blew off. I'm assuming this happened because I never put a check valve between the OCC and the manifold and the constant switching from boost to...
  3. For Sale For Sale: Stainless Steel Hose & Wheel Bearing and Hub Kit

    For Sale
    SXTH Lower Engine Mount & CTA Wheel Bearing Kit CTA Wheel Bearing Kit. Brand new and never used. Bought it for my wheel bearing replacement, but ended up using a shop press instead. PayPal $325 + Shipping.
  4. Dual Catch Cans?

    Veloster Maintenance
    Okay so I'm a bit curious. I understand that a single catch can will catch the blow-by that comes out of the PCV valve, filter it, and send it into the air intake tubing. But what does a second one do? Does the car have two PCV valves or ..
  5. Winter review special

    Product Reviews
    Hello everyone! I'd like to take a little bit of time here to do a little compilation review of items. I(and i'm sure many of you) live where snow and cold temperatures are prominent, That being said I know I also had the concern of how certain items may perform in subzero temperatures(common...
  6. For Sale PROSPORT Catch Can

    For Sale
    PROSPORT Catch Can / AEM CAI Hello Everybody, CATCH CAN IS SOLD. First, I have one PROSPORT Catch Can for sale. I'm only asking $20 + shipping. It is pretty much brand new. I bought it less than a month ago, but I have already changed my mind about the set-up I want on my car. As you can see...
  7. For Sale WTS Saikou Michi Catch Can S1-OCC New and unopened $90 shipping included!

    For Sale
    WTS Saikou Michi Catch Can S1-OCC New and unopened Hey guys! Yeah I know it's been a while since I posted :P But I'm back! And I'm selling this unopened Saikou Michi S1-OCC catch can. Why? Well I decided that I don't really want to mod my car anymore and I had already ordered this and was...
  8. Help: Potential Vacuum Leak

    Veloster Performance
    Hey guys, I think this is something I really need to figure out. It does relate to my Catch Can post, but I am getting more and more concerned about my catch can leaking. So after installing my catch can, I hear a leak when getting up close to it. I am not sure whether it's suppose to sound...
  9. Catch Can Inquiry!

    Veloster Performance
    hey guys. I just finished installing my catch can. I installed it on a rubber washer or whatever it is that my cai uses. It had enough thread and it was safe. Then I zip-tied it as a fail safe (don't hate.) Anyway, it's snug and moves around with my intake. I think it's just fine. SO THE...