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  1. Veloster Suspension
    I have been reading on here about others modifications & wanted to do a few myself. 2013 V Turbo, MT I was wondering about the cross members / Chassis braces /Torsion bars / Sway bars etc. and lowering kits & coil overs. Any one out there prefer one brand over the other? I don't want to ride...
  2. Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    Evening all! Excited to be part of this VT forum. Im def new to the hyundai world LOL so look forward to seeing all the mods everyones done! Im from TX and just purchased my '14 white VT. Ill post pics in a few! Is anyone from the H? Looking to see how everyones done the tailights blacked out...
  3. Veloster Performance
    Is it HSD NGM Megan. Please respond with your experiences. I would like to find THE BEST from THE PEOPLE who own them. I am ready to purchase them. So far im swaying towards the HSD. Am I right? Thank guys!!!
1-3 of 3 Results