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  1. Engine vibrates high after installing CAI

    Veloster Performance
    Guys, I just installed a K&N cold air intake into my 2013VT. It was a pretty easy install but soon after the install, i noticed that I could feel vibrations through the brake pedal. I opened the hood and the engine and the CAI pipe was vibrating a lot. I have not worked on turbos before so do...
  2. AEM CAI: DIY Installation and Post-Install Opinions

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hi all, I just got the AEM 21-724C cold air intake system for my 2013 VT. This thread is directly "ported" from for my fine friends with VTs. First, a couple of things about my car: I have about 7500 miles on it, have already had my first oil change, and have an A/T. I have long...
  3. Did anyone do anything custom to their Veloster Turbo yet?

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    I just got my (Black) Veloster Turbo and I love it! It has the blue trim interior and it is just sexy! I'm not even sure if I want to do anything custom to it just yet. I definitely want to put window tint on it (20% all around). I was also thinking about a... Cold Air Intake. Blow off valve...