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  1. BPS and vacuum nipple location on custom IC setup?

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  2. Helllo there from LAS VEGAS + My custom license plate!

    Hi guys! Bought my Black 2013 VT 6spd Manual a couple weeks ago with only 15k miles and 1 previous owner. Its fully loaded (sunroof, camera, sensors, navigation, 115V outlet, etc etc) Anyways, I will be checking the forum out constantly.. seems like fun. I am attaching a custom brushed...
  3. GenX Trims Custom Gloss Black Billet Grille for 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

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    A simple search on eBay this morning like I do occasionnaly for the VT and look what I found!
  4. New cat-back next week

    Veloster Turbo Australia
    New Cat-Back Spoke with Daryl at Everlast Mufflers today about doing a cat-back for my VT. Already had a Magnaflow muffler and Y-pipe on me that I bought off Amazon. Quoted me $380-440. Booked in for next Saturday :smile: Even though plenty of people have done a custom Magnaflow exhaust now...
  5. Plastidip handles?

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    I have been thinking about using platidip to blacken the handles but I am unsure whether or not it will hurt accessibility or perhaps the keyless entry. Has anyone done something like this or similar?
  6. Get your VT Euro Plate here!

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    Hey all, I worked out a 25% off coupon code with the following website: | Official Site for European License Plates, Frames and Decals | They make some cool looking plates, the customizing seems endless and the coupon code is good for everything they...
  7. Did anyone do anything custom to their Veloster Turbo yet?

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    I just got my (Black) Veloster Turbo and I love it! It has the blue trim interior and it is just sexy! I'm not even sure if I want to do anything custom to it just yet. I definitely want to put window tint on it (20% all around). I was also thinking about a... Cold Air Intake. Blow off valve...