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  1. Tork Catless Ceramic Coated Downpipe

    For Sale
    Selling my catless downpipe from Tork. Purchased new and used for 50k miles with no issues. It is ceramic coated which works better with heat dispersion. No codes popped up for me. Selling for $150. Moving to Cali soon so I can't be having this on the car anymore. Apologies DP is not off the car...
  2. Heat Wrap Downpipe?

    Veloster Performance
    Been searching for a while and cant find a definitive answer. I am waiting for my CNT catless downpipe to get delivered. I want to know if I should or should not put heat wrap on it. I live in central IL so fairly hot and humid for the summer and cold for the winter with a little bit of snow...
  3. CNT Downpipe

    Veloster Performance
    I fucked up. Bought a CNT donwpipe for my 16' VT when i bought their catback exhaust. Can i go out and buy the 12-15 elbow and make it work or do i need to buy another?
  4. BRAP BRAP BRAP and not in a good way...

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Hey guys, new here and looking for any and all help. I have a '13 Veloster Turbo, A/T with close to 50k miles. When trying to accelerate hard, the engine starts making a noise that sounds kind of like a backfire, but the car jerks along with it. Recently went in for the recall on the fuel feed...
  5. OBX Turbo Catless Down Pipe

    Veloster Performance
    Hi Guys! Noob here! I´ve been looking around for downpipes and i came across this one : OBX TURBO CATLESS DP . Have anyone heard of it? Comments or reviews (good or bad) Thanks Frank
  6. Help Removing Aftermarket Parts and Re-installing Factory Parts

    West / West Coast Owners
    I need help removing my aftermarket Magnaflow exhaust and Pierce catless downpipe from my 2013 Veloster Turbo. Then reinstalling the factory parts (which I have). I'm trading the car in and I don't think the aftermarket parts are going to help my cause, especially the catless downpipe with the...
  7. intake/downpipe/exhaust diameter, high RPM gains vs low RPM loss?

    Veloster Performance
    Hello all, i am looking into improving my air flow for added performance. How important is it to match the diameter of intake/downpipe/exhaust. Maybe the downpipe doesn't belong with the others but i am looking at one with a Highflow Catalytic Converter, hoping to pass inspection. If that will...
  8. 845 Down Pipe

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Hey Guys, I'm pretty new to the mod thing so half the stuff will probably sound wrong so work with me here. I've got as 2013 VT A/T, with a Magnaflow catback and a Turbosocks CAI. I recently purchased an 845 Catless downpipe, and tried to install it with a friend of mine who knows far more...
  9. solo downpipe question

    Veloster Performance
    Hi everybody I just wanna know if I can add the solo downpipe on my car by keeping the stock exhaust line to give me a little more sound and less restriction or I have to get the full exhaust to add the downpipe to my exhaust line? And do you have any good comments about the solo downpipe or...
  10. o2 adapter on o2 adapter ? cattless downpipe

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
  11. For Sale Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust / 845 Motorsports Catless Downpipe

    For Sale
    Got a new car had to let these go, located in Canada Vancouver BC Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust (6000km) SOLD 845 Motorsports Catless Downpipe (Brand new) asking $300 Shipping Extra, PayPal same price usd or canada depends on the buyer its too confushing..
  12. Running open downpipe

    Veloster Performance
    I have been thinking about running open downpipe for a while now because everywhere I looked I have read nothing but benefits. The few common benefits are faster spool, better top end, and insane spool sound lol. I should say that I have heard a few minor concerns which include the following...
  13. Downpipe from Solstice Turbo?

    Turbosocks Performance
    I have a buddy who acquired a lightly used catless 3" downpipe with O2's off a Pontiac Solstice Turbo from a shop he used to work at. He sanded down the end plate and cleaned it all up. He said I can have it and maybe it will bolt up with light fabrication for a new bracket. I was planning to go...
  14. Downpipe discussion- SOLO vs Pierce

    Veloster Performance
    So I've been digging through a lot of the posts regarding down pipes. I'm in the market and have my mind set on 2.5" catted high flow. With that being said, let's compare... thoughts? concerns? discussion? arguments?... SOLO Initial release/group-buy price: $339.15 (ends sept. 30) Current...