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  1. Are my DRLs wired wrong?

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    New to forum, sorry if this has been covered. I've just recently picked up a 2015 VT (US). I was under the impression that the LED strips are the DRLs as they are on most cars? On the left stalk the options are 1 - off, 2 - DRL, 3 - parking lights, 4 - headlights. I don't have the automatic...
  2. Independent LEDs

    Veloster Turbo DIY
    For a while now, I have been very bothered by the fact that you cannot drive around with just the LEDs (eyeliner) on. I haven't seen an easy way of doing this as of yet, but while browsing through my AllDataDIY shop manual, I saw one, and decided to make a DIY. OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: DON'T...
  3. LED strip = DRLs in the US?

    Veloster Electronics
    I'm sorry if this is a repost. I have searched this forum and the forums but I can't find a solid answer. I just bought a '14 Turbo and firstly, it's bad-ass. I love it. But I'm confused about the headlights. I didn't get the auto-headlights option so I'm just wondering how the...
  4. Installed LED SMD H7 highbeam/DRL *PICS*

    Veloster Appearance
    So I ordered these: 2 Pcs White H7 CREE Q5 5 SMD LED Car FogLight Lamp Bulb 11W 12 24V | eBay cuz I hate the halogen highbeams/DRL bulbs. These H7 LED Cree 5 SMD with a metal base installed very easily and no bumper removal required since there is more than enough room to fit your hand behind...