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    Hi guys, does anyone know if the wiring in a 2016VT engine is compatible with a 2013VT? The engine blew to weak con rods so was hoping for a stronger engine
  2. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    So I bought a 2013 auto VT back in February of 2020 and the car was doing fine until the turbo started going out. I replaced it with a stuffed turbo not knowing that the engine was extremely weak and ended up tossing a rod. So I went looking and found a dirt cheap steal of a 2016 VT engine. When...
  3. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Hello everyone, I have a Veloster Turbo 2013 and the engine just crapped out. The mechanic says one valve is bent and the piston is also hitting hard (it sounds pretty bad) Anyway, I am looking for a remanufactured engine and wanted to know if I need to stay with the 2013 year or can I use a...
1-3 of 4 Results