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exhaust sound

  1. Exhaust suggestions

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    Hi I am looking to do some exhaust work on my vt turbo. Just looking fro possible recommendations. I am not looking for anything too loud just something that pops and is louder than stock. I was thinking of doing a second cat delete (the one after the o2 sensors) not interested in tuning at the...
  2. Any solutions ? Magnaflow 10426 installation on VT exhaust sound

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    Hi everybody, I'm french veloster's driver :cool: I search solutions about exhaust modifications. I would like change only the "resonator" (just after catalyst), WITHOUT making any modifications on the stock system (in France, laws are strict about it). I just want "replace", like "plug and...
  3. Looking for some recommendations on some exhaust systems, please help a brotha out

    Veloster Performance
    The title of the post is pretty self explanatory. Looking for a great sounding exhaust system with some + in HP. I am fairly new to modding, so please share your knowledge and educate me! Thanks fellow V bro's! Also, if you have a recommendation on an intake and which type would be best for...
  4. Increase Exhaust sound

    Veloster Turbo Australia
    hey guys I'm totally new here. Just bought an used VT 2013 around 2 weeks ago and looking to do something with the exhaust to increase the sound. Unfortunately full cat is out of budget. I have been told by a few mates just to get a magnaflow muffler and that should do the trick for me. Any of...