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  1. 2014 Veloster Turbo Stock Exhaust

    For Sale
    I have the stock exhaust off of my 2014 Veloster Turbo. No issues with it. Removed at 82K miles. Looking for $150 obo. I am willing to ship it, but buyer pays shipping. Let me know if you have questions. Does not include hardware.
  2. CNT Downpipe

    Veloster Performance
    I fucked up. Bought a CNT donwpipe for my 16' VT when i bought their catback exhaust. Can i go out and buy the 12-15 elbow and make it work or do i need to buy another?
  3. Exhaust black soot/smoke on these cars' exhaust tips

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Ok, this is not a "help me, there is black stuff on my exhaust tip" , but just being curious about it. Having the stock exhaust, no mods beside fuel line upgrd/spark plug/TB bypass/venting to the Atm-, but even without any mods and completely stock, it was doing it. is it normal, that these car...
  4. FS: Stock Down Pipe, resonator delete, and cargo privacy cover [central texas}

    For Sale
    Edit: pictures can be seen here Hi all, I recently traded in my VT and have some leftover parts: 1. Stock Down pipe with both cats still in tact. would be great for someone looking to do the poor mans high flow down pipe. I did...
  5. Any solutions ? Magnaflow 10426 installation on VT exhaust sound

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hi everybody, I'm french veloster's driver :cool: I search solutions about exhaust modifications. I would like change only the "resonator" (just after catalyst), WITHOUT making any modifications on the stock system (in France, laws are strict about it). I just want "replace", like "plug and...
  6. Getting a new exhaust, considering MBRP, Opinions/Help wanted!

    Hello all, So I'm pretty new to the car scene, but I wanted to get my car a little bit more bite. I was looking through some postings for exhausts for the VT (2014 if it matters), and was trying to decipher some of the confusion I got. I'm searching for an exhaust (preferably on the...
  7. My Exhaust is Haunted. HELP!

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    [SOLVED] My Exhaust is Haunted. HELP! UPDATE: Took it back into the shop and got it up on the lift. After much searching, we found a small 2-3mm area where the weld hadn't completely sealed the pipes in the fabricated section of the exhaust. He cut off the whole section and put together a new...
  8. For Sale ARK DT-S Catback Exhaust $700 CAD OBO

    For Sale
    Selling my Ark DT-S Catback, I bought it new from uniqperformance for $1300 shipped so $ 700 is a fair deal. Used it for about a year/15000kms Has burnt blue tips Comes with mounting hardware but no gaskets, can supply if needed. Has quite a bit of surface rust but that is expected after a...
  9. Help Removing Aftermarket Parts and Re-installing Factory Parts

    West / West Coast Owners
    I need help removing my aftermarket Magnaflow exhaust and Pierce catless downpipe from my 2013 Veloster Turbo. Then reinstalling the factory parts (which I have). I'm trading the car in and I don't think the aftermarket parts are going to help my cause, especially the catless downpipe with the...
  10. intake/downpipe/exhaust diameter, high RPM gains vs low RPM loss?

    Veloster Performance
    Hello all, i am looking into improving my air flow for added performance. How important is it to match the diameter of intake/downpipe/exhaust. Maybe the downpipe doesn't belong with the others but i am looking at one with a Highflow Catalytic Converter, hoping to pass inspection. If that will...
  11. For Sale Lots of stock parts and cosmo shifter for sale

    For Sale
    Hey guys I am currently in the process of cleaning out my garage. Here is what I have to sell so far. There may be more to come. Prices are negotiable i'm just spit balling. I will most likely accept offers as long as they arent insulting. First up is stock wheels. Wheels have about 12,000...
  12. So Cal Owners

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hey guys, I am new to the forum and was wondering if there are any guys/girls from the IE area in socal? I never see VT's out here. I would like to see what some people have so I can get ideas. I am currently looking into aftermarket exhaust ideas so let me know if your in the area and have a...
  13. For Sale A few VT parts I am ready to part with

    For Sale
    For Sale: -Cold pipe upgrade with turbosocks HKS BOV and block off plate: $90 OBO SOLD -5 month old Forge BOV in box with all springs and original accessories: $50 OBO SOLD -K&N SRI PIPE ONLY no filter included, also was bent with couplers but can easily be fixed, includes only the pipe! $50...
  14. Looking for some recommendations on some exhaust systems, please help a brotha out

    Veloster Performance
    The title of the post is pretty self explanatory. Looking for a great sounding exhaust system with some + in HP. I am fairly new to modding, so please share your knowledge and educate me! Thanks fellow V bro's! Also, if you have a recommendation on an intake and which type would be best for...
  15. Inconsistent engine volume (random loud spikes)

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    I recently disabled my fake engi..... I mean "active sound design." I like the sound much better now (because it's real). However, with it being so much quieter, I now notice seemingly random spikes in the exhaust volume. It seems to happen around 3k-4k rpm, but I've heard it at other times too...
  16. custom exhaust question

    Veloster Performance
    hey guys I am looking for a little more deeper sound for my exhaust without getting a full catback. and I wanted to have your ideas for that.
  17. Exhaust molding bezel removal

    Hello, im new to this posting thing but have been around this site since July lurking and learning. Every vendor i found on here and dealt with has been top notch excellent and friendly. I recently purchased a magnaflow at hottexhaust highly recommended and removed my stock piping tonight my...
  18. 845 Down Pipe

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Hey Guys, I'm pretty new to the mod thing so half the stuff will probably sound wrong so work with me here. I've got as 2013 VT A/T, with a Magnaflow catback and a Turbosocks CAI. I recently purchased an 845 Catless downpipe, and tried to install it with a friend of mine who knows far more...
  19. Exhaust sound clip section, nothing but sound clips!

    Veloster Performance
    Sup guys, figured we've seen enough exhaust threads about which exhaust to buy and what not or what is the best one for your money that we should just make a thread based on nothing but naming the type of exhaust you have or what you have done to your exhaust to modify it. Simply place what type...
  20. Increase Exhaust sound

    Veloster Turbo Australia
    hey guys I'm totally new here. Just bought an used VT 2013 around 2 weeks ago and looking to do something with the exhaust to increase the sound. Unfortunately full cat is out of budget. I have been told by a few mates just to get a magnaflow muffler and that should do the trick for me. Any of...