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  1. WTB OEM front bumber and grille

    Want To Buy
    WTB oem front bumper and grille for 2013 VT in SW2 white. Preferably in very good or excellent condition
  2. New owner of a 2013 Boston Red VT. New to the forum :)

    Hey! I bought a 2013 veloster turbo a few weeks back and am loving it. Just thought i would join , and make a post to see whats going on in the Veloster world. Im also thinking of switching out the current grille for something without the Hyundai logo on it, perhaps just black slats or maybe the...
  3. New-Stainless-Steel-Front-Grill-Insert-For-Hyundai-Veloster

    Veloster Appearance
    Any thoughts on this people? Anyone have on installed? GIB New Stainless Steel Front Grill Insert for Hyundai Veloster 2013 2014 Turbo Only | eBay
  4. Looking for Front Grille HOW TO

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    I have seen pictures of multiple people that have made their own front grilles, honeycomb style, and am wondering if any of them have made any threads about the project. I am wanting to do this myself but would like a little direction before I start cutting and buying materials. HELP ME OUT
  5. For Sale FS: Factory Unopened Front Grille and Lip

    For Sale
    So as you know I hit a raccoon that did over $2,000 in damages to my VT. Before I knew the full extent of the damage I pre-purchased a brand new, unpainted front grille and front lip from Crown Hyundai in St. Pete, Florida. My buddy is a tech there so I paid employee pricing. After my insurance...