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  1. Are my DRLs wired wrong?

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    New to forum, sorry if this has been covered. I've just recently picked up a 2015 VT (US). I was under the impression that the LED strips are the DRLs as they are on most cars? On the left stalk the options are 1 - off, 2 - DRL, 3 - parking lights, 4 - headlights. I don't have the automatic...
  2. Factory LED headlight color temperature?

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    What is the factory color temp. Of the LEDs in Veloster headlights?
  3. FS:Exled Full LED headlights & Solo 2n1 Catback Exhaust

    For Sale
    FS:Exled Full LED headlights I am selling my exLED full LED headlights and my Solo 2n1 Catback Exhaust. I am trying to fund my Tork tune and I am ready to let go of my beloved headlights and want to trade exhausts before the tune. The headlights are in perfect condition, These were custom...
  4. HID flickering/cutout issue

    Veloster Electronics
    So I installed a pair of HIDs from my gen coupe onto my VT. No issues with the install and the HIDs lit up just fine. When I actually start the motor however, the left headlight flickers and then cuts out. When the motor is off and the car is on, both headlights work just fine. I'm not sure what...
  5. Quick Headlight Photoshop Please?

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Would someone be able to PS the projector shrouds to a cherry/boston red. Then PS the bezel to red leaving the shrouds white. Trying to get ideas and i just cant seem to get it right. If it doesnt take much time, maybe you could shop the bumper lip to the same red color. Thanks again.
  6. 2013 Turbo OEM headlights MINT!

    For Sale
    Listing removed due to post not comply in with section rule (no pricing)
  7. Painted reflectors

    Veloster Appearance
    Ever since I got my VT I've wanted to remove the corner reflector in the headlights, so I bit the bullet Took me a while to get the light separated Then Just painted the reflector gloss black PlastiDip is still holding up great!
  8. PIAA Extreme White Plus Replacement Bulbs for H11b

    Veloster Electronics
    I contacted PIAA Corporation today and inquired if they would be manufacturing the Extreme White Plus replacement Bulbs for H11b which the VT use. I had asked them 6 months ago and they said it was in the works. The representative from PIAA stated they should be available in January 2014. I do...
  9. Automatic Headlight Upgrade

    Veloster Turbo DIY
    Ok, so I know a few people have done this and there are a few that want to, but have questions. So this is how to upgrade the Base VT to include automatic headlights and auto-dimming display/cluster. Parts are about $100 shipped. **Auto & Fog Light Combo Switch (you can get these w/o fog lights...
  10. EX LED Full LED headlights review and PICS/W VIDS

    Product Reviews
    Hey guys, This is my review of the exLED full led headlights for both Veloster and Veloster turbo. Now that I have had them for a while, I think I should tell people out there thinking of getting this MOD what my perspective and opinion is, so that they may determine if this is the right MOD...
  11. Turbo HID Headlight Adjustment

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    I have a quick question. Does the adjustment screws on the headlight assembly safe to use with the HID conversion as well? I am asking because I have not installed it myself as I'm injured and I do not have any idea about what goes inside the assembly and how the screws work. The adjustments are...
  12. Just saw these on a fr-s forum....pretty sweet lights

    Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    Was googling images and came across this. Don't believe it's been posted before....
  13. Automatic Headlight Installation

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    When I bought the VT the only thing I wanted on the ultimate package was auto headlights, but decided that alone was not worth the extra $2k or whatever it was and opted out. I found this kit for automatic headlights on Shark Racing I was curious if anyone had purchased this or...
  14. Headlights Mod Question

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Hi Everyone! We just got our new VT about a week ago, and are super thrilled with it! There is only one issue: the halogen headlights suck (we have another car with HID lights, and going back down to halogens is like going back to dialup internet). We want to exchange the bulbs for bi-xenon...