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  1. Engine Sputter after fuel line replacement

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    Okay so I'm going to try and explain this situation the best I can. I took my 13' veloster turbo into my local Hyundai dealership because there was a stutter while under heavy acceleration or load and I was aware of the fuel line recall. They called me yesterday saying they replaced the fuel...
  2. New 2016 VT slow off the line

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Hey everyone! This is my first thread on this amazing forum. I'm sure this problem has been addressed a few times on here but I am having trouble finding any solutions. The problem is that the car takes a second or so to get going. I can get around it by stomping on the gas but I am hesitant to...
  3. OMG!! My VT's SKELETONS are coming out!!!!

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Ok guys, Ive been a part of the whole hesitation thread thats going on and have been experiencing constant hesitations since owning the car. I bought the car with 200mi on it (Dealer Trade from Las Vegas, I live in AZ). So i dint think much of the milage and the car had never been registered so...