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hood vents

  1. Functional Hood Vents

    Tippett Auto Design
    You can now go from this: To This: In about an hour. Each vent starts as a new OEM part. The center is removed and then finished by hand. The grill material is cut and adhered to the back side of the vent with an automotive grade adhesive. The completed assembly is then prepped and sprayed...
  2. Btjetman's New Years Day 4 hour sale from noon until 4pm CST 20% off

    Veloster Appearance
    Today for four hours only, all of the vents will be on sale for 20% off. The deal is, if you purchase any of the vents during this 4 hour time you get an automatic 20% off everything in your cart. But, there will be a longer than normal wait period to receive your vents, due to the fact that I...
  3. Tippett Auto Design Website

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Finally got the website up. There are still a few things that need to be fixed, but the products can be viewed and bought at least. Tippett Auto Design