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  1. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Hey guys, got a vacuum issue. What controls the vacuum for 2019 R-Spec? Do we have an idle air control unit? I'm experiencing idle rpm dips. Its a consistent on/off and goes all the way down to like 400 and almost stalls out. When I disconnect vac line from the valve cover it runs normal. I'm...
  2. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Hello all, I posted here a while ago about issues with my 2013 veloster turbo having misfires at higher rpm and boost (Engine Knock under high RPM/Boost). Well, overtime the engine blew and has been replaced. I have been having issues with this new engine and the car is now not under...
  3. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Okay so i just bought a used 2013 VT (manual transmission) with 49k miles on it last saturday from a shady one office dealership with no warranty (yeah i know im stupid). The whole thing was kinda rushed because a 18 wheeler totaled my car in a hit and run and insurance was done paying for my...
  4. Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    I have a 2015 veloster turbo. I feel it may be idling a little low. What is the normal rpms it should idle at when standing still?
1-4 of 4 Results