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  1. Used Injen Cold Air Intake for Sale $

    Veloster Performance
    - This is a pre-owned Cold Air Intake by Injen. *(Only 12K miles of usage) - It was a great intake, no problems or issues whatsoever. - Only selling because I am making my car stock again and need the extra money (holiday season). - Comes with everything including original boxing...
  2. Karbon Koncepts - Annual Injen Intake Group Buy

    Karbon Koncepts
    Is proud to announce our 3rd Annual Injen Intake Group Buy Injen Intake Systems Group Buy | KARBON KONCEPTS _________________________________________________________ All Injen Intake Systems are at the lowest prices that we can offer through March 10th!! Shipping is included in your...
  3. WTB Extension piece to make injen SRI to CAI

    Want To Buy
    I am looking for an extension pipe to turn my injen SRI into the CAI. I do not need a filter, just the extension pipe and coupling. Any suggestions would also be helpful. Also my existing setup is black so a black pipe would be the better option. If I could get the Injen piece that would be...
  4. Winning: Elite White VT + Parking Garage

    Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    Finally had a chance to wash/wax my VT after Auto-X last weekend and took her downtown for some photos. Don't mind the dirty wheels, I need to re-dip them to bring out the shine again. Last photo is along Lido Key Beach in Sarasota, FL. It was a cool 70 degrees F. at about 10pm :cool: Hit the...
  5. Help Installing Injen SRI

    Veloster Performance
    EDIT: Solved. Problem wasn't with the Injen, but with me not reading the instructions clearly. I feel shame. So I'm trying to install an Injen SRI in my VT and I'm running into a huge problem. After fitting the SRI in the engine bay, there is no room for the filter (either the Injen filter...
  6. For Sale Injen IS1341BLK SRI intake (Black), for VT

    For Sale
    This is LNIB, I literally installed it today and removed it in a matter of hours. All parts and original box intact. The sound is just not my cup of tea. $200 Shipped in Canada, if shipped to USA I will cover half (can be negoiated) Payal or EMT
  7. Injen CAI and Forge BOV Sounds

    Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    I mounted the GoPro inside the engine compartment today to try and capture the sounds from the intake and the BOV. It's kind of long, but will give you an idea as to what this setup sounds like....Just in case you where wondering. Also, at startup there is quite a bit of noise from the CAI. My...
  8. Turbosocks SRI install

    Veloster Performance
    I've just ordered the Turbosocks SRI. I looked around and compared the Injen vs Turbosocks SRI's and most people said that they basically have the exact same performance output, or, at best, had minimal differences. So I of course went with the cheaper option. I have no interest in alternate...