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  1. Windshield leaks or???

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Owner for 6 months, the car is garage kept, so not out in the elements except at work really.. A few times since purchase, after a rain, i open the door to leave work and notice some water in the floorboard. never paid it much mind until it kept happening, never a large amount so i assumed it...
  2. Karbon Koncepts - Weathertech Floorliner Digitalfit Floor Mats

    Karbon Koncepts
    Is Proud to Offer: Hyundai Veloster Weathertech Floorliner Digital Fit Floor Mats | Karbon Koncepts Description: [*=left]Just in time for the winter season. Weathertech brings you their Floorliner Digitalfit All season floor mats for your 2011+ Hyundai Veloster. [*=left]In the quest...
  3. FOR SALE: CARBON FIBER Tray Inserts!

    Felonious Assault Design
    FELONIOUS ASSAULT DESIGN WILL NOW OFFER: CARBON FIBER TRAY INSERTS These real CF veneer inserts will fit neatly inside your under-dash storage tray. Each piece will come with a removable protective coating These inserts will be just $20 shipped! (International shipping will be higher...
  4. FOR SALE: Carbon Fiber Inserts

    Felonious Assault Design
    Felonious Assault Designs will now offer: CARBON FIBER INSERTS FOR YOUR VT! Choose from inserts for: your cup holders Both your driver's and rear door pulls: Or buy a full kit! Each piece will be shipped with a removable protective film and will have a carpeted backing...
  5. Diode Dynamics LED lights installed received and installed today! Review with pics~

    Veloster Appearance
    First off I'd like to say that the shipping and customer service was awesome. I purchased a Blue Stage 2 Dome light, White Stage 2 Map Light, and White Stage 3 license plate LEDs. It came nicely packaged in a tightly sealed orange envelope, and inside there was the receipt, information sheet...
  6. Dealer installed interior accent lights

    Veloster Appearance
    I do not reccomend unless it was already included in your purchase like mine. I had high hopes but they said they dont do the cup holders or center console due to shorting issues. I ended up with the front "under-dash" floor board areas with a slight blue glow. I'll be going after-market with...