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  1. Car Rap Attack: Based on a True Story

    New Owner of an Orange-a-licous Veloster Turbo My name is LZSchneider and I'm here to say I'm new to the Veloster World and I drive it all day, Vitamin-C, 6-speed, high MPGs it’s got it all, I prefer it more than old 3000GTs. Veloster takes me to new places, new experiences, new faces with a...
  2. Red-headed stepchild owner from Tallahassee

    Hi all. I own the red-headed cousin of the VT, a 2015 Kia Forte5 SX. Same drivetrain, slightly less provocative looks. I bought my Racing Red 6-speed manual Forte on Wednesday (started driving it Monday) and I'm in love already. I was lucky to find this site via the site, and I...