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  1. Felonious Assault Design
    HERE'S ANOTHER F.A.D. FRIDAY DEAL! VELOSTER LANYARDS ARE OVERSTOCKED! Help me make some room for F.A.D. fun, these are available for $4.50 shipped (lower 48)! Comment here for the fastest response. Or, go HERE and get a sweet VT T aaaaand one of these lanyards for FREE!
  2. Felonious Assault Design
    RELEASE THE KRACKEN! Many of you have been in search of these and now they are here! Felonious Assault Design is now offering for sale a 5/8" wide, polyester lanyard with silkscreen imprint. These will be approx. 18" long and come with an keyring attachment. The price for these will be...
  3. Felonious Assault Design
    Alright, this is overdue. Who is in the mood for a VT lanyard? These will be black with text reading 'Veloster Turbo', the same logo as THESE, but in all white ink. They will have no breakaway and include a key ring attachment. The cost for these would be in the $7-10 range shipped in the...
1-3 of 3 Results