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  1. For Sale WTS: VT LED Tail Lights (pair). $275 LA Area

    For Sale
    About a year ago or longer I upgraded the tail lights of my 2013 VT to the blacked out bezel custom ones. These have been sitting in storage and look pristine. They were on the car for about 9K miles before the upgrade. I want to sell them locally here in Los Angeles for Cash. I am in East...
  2. Independent LEDs

    Veloster Turbo DIY
    For a while now, I have been very bothered by the fact that you cannot drive around with just the LEDs (eyeliner) on. I haven't seen an easy way of doing this as of yet, but while browsing through my AllDataDIY shop manual, I saw one, and decided to make a DIY. OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: DON'T...
  3. Rally/driving lights

    Veloster Appearance
    I'm thinking about putting some 4.5-5" round driving lights on the front of my VT. I have found some 42W LED lights, should be about 6000 lumens for the pair. For reference, a 55W halogen is ~1600 lumens. Anyways, I've mocked up a picture. What do you guys think?
  4. Diode Dynamics LED lights installed received and installed today! Review with pics~

    Veloster Appearance
    First off I'd like to say that the shipping and customer service was awesome. I purchased a Blue Stage 2 Dome light, White Stage 2 Map Light, and White Stage 3 license plate LEDs. It came nicely packaged in a tightly sealed orange envelope, and inside there was the receipt, information sheet...
  5. Automatic Headlight Upgrade

    Veloster Turbo DIY
    Ok, so I know a few people have done this and there are a few that want to, but have questions. So this is how to upgrade the Base VT to include automatic headlights and auto-dimming display/cluster. Parts are about $100 shipped. **Auto & Fog Light Combo Switch (you can get these w/o fog lights...
  6. First Long Drive

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    My wife and I Had to go to Oklahoma for a family matter the past couple of days. We put a total of 1375 miles round trip. The car performed well on the trip. The gas mileage worked out to 27.7mpg, and that is not from the computer, but from gallons and miles driven. Most of the interstate...
  7. Dealer installed interior accent lights

    Veloster Appearance
    I do not reccomend unless it was already included in your purchase like mine. I had high hopes but they said they dont do the cup holders or center console due to shorting issues. I ended up with the front "under-dash" floor board areas with a slight blue glow. I'll be going after-market with...
  8. Smoked out tail lights

    Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    Used Night Shades spray, about 2-3 coats. Looks badass and the lights are still shining bright :) BEFORE DURING AFTER