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  1. Getting a new exhaust, considering MBRP, Opinions/Help wanted!

    Hello all, So I'm pretty new to the car scene, but I wanted to get my car a little bit more bite. I was looking through some postings for exhausts for the VT (2014 if it matters), and was trying to decipher some of the confusion I got. I'm searching for an exhaust (preferably on the...
  2. Inconsistent engine volume (random loud spikes)

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    I recently disabled my fake engi..... I mean "active sound design." I like the sound much better now (because it's real). However, with it being so much quieter, I now notice seemingly random spikes in the exhaust volume. It seems to happen around 3k-4k rpm, but I've heard it at other times too...