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  1. Any solutions ? Magnaflow 10426 installation on VT exhaust sound

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    Hi everybody, I'm french veloster's driver :cool: I search solutions about exhaust modifications. I would like change only the "resonator" (just after catalyst), WITHOUT making any modifications on the stock system (in France, laws are strict about it). I just want "replace", like "plug and...
  2. SOMEONE HELP ME OUT, muffler question! THANNKS VT FAMILY!

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    So I am a owner of a 2015 black VT. I haven't done too much to it, just the basics so far (Injen SRI, Muffler Delete). Will be doing more and more down the road. Which leads me to my question of the day. I have watched at least 100 VT exhaust videos and they all sound either too loud or too...
  3. Bad MBRP experience

    Veloster Performance
    I recently bought the MBRP Exhaust S4701304 Pro Series Cat Back through because of the discount and free shipping etc. Hre are my three main points My mechanic said after installing "this is one of the worst fitting exhaust systems I've ever done" and immediately recommended a...
  4. For Sale A few VT parts I am ready to part with

    For Sale
    For Sale: -Cold pipe upgrade with turbosocks HKS BOV and block off plate: $90 OBO SOLD -5 month old Forge BOV in box with all springs and original accessories: $50 OBO SOLD -K&N SRI PIPE ONLY no filter included, also was bent with couplers but can easily be fixed, includes only the pipe! $50...
  5. For Sale Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust / 845 Motorsports Catless Downpipe

    For Sale
    Got a new car had to let these go, located in Canada Vancouver BC Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust (6000km) SOLD 845 Motorsports Catless Downpipe (Brand new) asking $300 Shipping Extra, PayPal same price usd or canada depends on the buyer its too confushing..
  6. GoPro Shots

    Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    Hey guys, just figured I'd share these with you all: New Magnaflow: Inside Engine Bay: Making sure the suction cup works: I'm going to be shooting some more, I shot these with the case on. Apparently if you're !100mph then you should not use it because it hinders sound quality. :P If...
  7. New cat-back next week

    Veloster Turbo Australia
    New Cat-Back Spoke with Daryl at Everlast Mufflers today about doing a cat-back for my VT. Already had a Magnaflow muffler and Y-pipe on me that I bought off Amazon. Quoted me $380-440. Booked in for next Saturday :smile: Even though plenty of people have done a custom Magnaflow exhaust now...
  8. 10fintec: Magnaflow #12866 Custom Exhaust Install

    Veloster Performance
    VT modded with a mix of the original stock stainless steel pipes, swapped out the stock resonator, with a Magnaflow #12866 5" round muffler, with Vibrant stainless steel mandrel bent pipes. Opted for the above muffler, to provide deeper/lower exhaust note, with no rasp (unlike the more popular...
  9. Magnaflow Catback Exhaust (Review)

    Veloster Performance
    So this month I was really debating if I should get an exhaust for my Veloster Turbo. I found the Magnaflow Catback exhaust for $589 and I just had to get one.. Just about 3 DAYS after my purchase, I received my exhaust!! I was going to wait until spring/summer to put it on because It's still...