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  1. Cylinder Misfire/ Spark plugs

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Cylinder 1 is misfiring on my '13 VT and I've read that the spark plugs might need to be replaced but when I tried to buy new plugs and such at the parts store I was told that I needed a coil pack and i could only get it from a dealership. I'm pretty confused. For refrence the cylinder started...
  2. Maintenance cost

    Veloster Maintenance
    On avgerage what is the cost for the 45,000 mi maintenance on a '15 VT?
  3. Matte Paint maintenance

    Veloster Turbo Detailing
    Hi everyone. Hyundai gave me "mother's California gold" car wash to wash my young gun Veloster. In my search for a matte paint car wash product, I only found Nanolex or Dr. Beasleys. I was wondering if anyone has actually used this product on their matte paint car? The back of the bottle looks...
  4. Warranty

    General Information
    I just got a brand new 2016 Veloster Turbo and I am loving it so far. I do want to do some modifications eventually, and the only thing holding me back is the fear of voiding my warranty from the dealership. I was warned that the cars are expensive to fix if something goes wrong, and not that I...
  5. All-in-one: Maintenance and Part Numbers

    Veloster Maintenance
    Since I thought it'd be helpful for this kind of thread, here it is. There wasn't anything like this elsewhere on these forums. For good health of your vehicle, especially people who have done performance modifications, I recommend these maintenance routine check-ups to prevent any major damage...
  6. Sunroof maintenance ?

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Did search couldn't find anything.... Few thoughts on sunroof maintenance. What should it consist of? How often should it be performed? What products are recommended? How should we record it was completed to avoid warranty voids? Does Hyundai have any recommendations of how often and what we...
  7. zMAX Micro-Lubricant additive, experiences?

    Veloster Maintenance
    A buddy of mine recommended zMAX Engine Lubricant to be added the engine oil whenever the oil is changed. They also offer additives for the transmission, and fuel injectors too. I haven't used them before, but it sounds interesting to me. Anyone have any experience with their products? Can...