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  1. 2015 Veloster Turbo R-Spec BUILD -- Mod List + Before/After Pictures

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    Ultra Black 2015 Veloster Turbo R-Spec M/T EXTERIOR: SoCal Garage Works Full Mesh Grill w/ Hyundai Logo Import Shark Carbon Fiber Hood Vents Eibach Hubcentric Pro Wheel Spacers 25mm ICW Racing BANSHEE Satin Black Rims 18”x7.5" Ground Effects Carbon Fiber Wrap Rear Wiper Delete Gloss Black...
  2. Canberra mechanics?

    Veloster Turbo Australia
    Any recommendations for mechanics in Canberra to fit some mods to my 2015 Veloster? I got to test drive the new Turbo Premium today and while I can afford a new $50k car, I can’t afford to add a bit more spunk to my current turbo. The 5 year warranty has just ended as well, so I feel like I...
  3. Waste gate or perhaps blow-off valve fluttering

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    So I have a question, I have done all these mods to my car, not sure what stage I am running or if there is even a stage I fall under. I have done the following, 1) Installed cat back magnaflow exhaust 2) K&N cold air intake kit 3) front strut bar 4) seoulfulracing tune 5) 2 stage colder plugs...
  4. New VT owner in the Baltimore, MD area

    So ive had my 2016 VT for a year now but havent started modding it yet , but planned on doing some after my birthday. Does anyone have suggestions for what mods I should do first without being expensive or voiding the factory warrenty. All suggestions will be kindly accepted
  5. LZSchneider's Vitamin-C 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

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    Hello world! This thread is all about Doyun, my 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo, and the joy of car ownership. For giits and shiggles, I’ll throw in some fun facts So, the car buying process was a real PITA (and not the tasty kind), but a month later Huffines Plano stepped into the picture and had...
  6. should i NOT buy a 2013 VT????

    How much potential does the veloster have?? Hey all, first time posting here. I have been very interested in the turbo veloster and have found a good deal on one. I have heard/read that the 1.6l turbo is actually quite durable if taken care of. However, I am curious as to how much potential...
  7. Mods for veloster turbo that wont void warranty?

    Veloster Performance
    Hi everyone, Let me start out by saying I am a new member to the VT forum and am very excited to talk to other veloster owners since there are so few on the road. I have done very simple ascetics to the car such as plasti dip the rims black and white and tinted windows. But I am interested in...
  8. 7500 miles in and noticed some nice changes, time for mods?

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    I currently have around 8700 miles on my car. The only mods I have done is the clutch switch and to remove the magnet from the air box. Around the 7500 mark I thought the exhaust sounded a little louder and continued to get louder until about 8k or so. A friend even asked if I had done...
  9. Hyundai "factory" modified exhaust??

    Veloster Performance
    I'd like more info on this one... supposed to start @ 1 min. if not just pay attention. Any input? All I can gather from the youtube comments is that this was some kind of promo event put on by hyundai with company provided "slighty modified" vehicles. I want that exact setup. Sound, wheels &...