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  1. Navigation Map update for American VT now in the UK

    Veloster Turbo UK
    Trying to reach a wider audience here. I am told it is not possible to update an American Veloster navigation system with UK/Europe maps. Currently running a 2016 Veloster 2016 recently imported in the UK and the Nav system is stuck in Charleston lol Is there any way possible that doesn't...
  2. Unable to navigate to a POI downloaded from the BlueLink App

    Veloster Electronics
    Using the "Destination/send to car" feature on the BlueLink App, the POI is downloaded to the car upon startup, but I haven't found a way to navigate to that point yet. The "View Map" button is grayed out and it is not stored under past POI's. My suspicion is that the system is graying out the...
  3. Navigation has no voice

    Veloster Electronics
    I've had my 2014 VT for about a week, and just tried to use the nav system yesterday. It functions fine, but does not give verbal instructions, which means I need to keep looking at screen while driving. I've paged through all the menus, and I can't find a volume control of any kind. I've also...
  4. How to delete a registered point?

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    Ok, So my wife had registered my working place as a registered point. In which appear under "Group 1" on my navigation system. Now I really hate the fact that everytime I drive by my job it tells me "You're reaching your registered point" I tried deleting the registered point but it actually...