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  1. OEM Crashbar/Intercooler/Seats/Piping

    For Sale
    Hey whats up guys. I've recently replaced a lot of things on my car leaving a mighty collection of OEM parts in my garage that I would like to sell. I have a bunch of stuff, everything came off of my 2016 VT w/ 31k miles Items for sale: Oem Heated Leather Seats w/ Orange Sides + Stock...
  2. 4 OEM Springs $90

    For Sale
    Selling my 2016 OEM Veloster turbo springs all 4 of them for $30; shipping cost not included. Only 1,000 miles used. Sitting in closet now prepackaged waiting to be sent out to buyer.
  3. 2013 Turbo OEM headlights MINT!

    For Sale
    Listing removed due to post not comply in with section rule (no pricing)
  4. replacement OEM spoiler?
    I'd like to get my hands on a replacement spoiler, in a different color (namely black), to match my mirror covers. Is this possible? The OEM turbo spoiler isn't listed on your site at this time.