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  1. Piercemotorsports announces the 2015 VELOSTER CHALLENGE Series!

    Veloster Turbo Racing / Performance Driving
    Torrance, CA (December 28, 2014) Piercemotorsports is proud to announce the 2015 VELOSTER CHALLENGE Racing series. The series is designed for amateur drivers in street-prepared Velosters to compete over some of the west coasts' best road racing circuits! The Challenge series will utilize the...
  2. How To: Piercemotorsports front swaybar install

    Veloster Suspension
    1. Raise the vehicle off the ground. Removing the front wheels is not necessary but it may be helpful for you. 2. Once the vehicle is off the ground, remove the end-links from the end of the sway bar. 3. Remove the exhaust hanger from the rear of the downpipe, be sure to take the rubber mount...
  3. Piercemotorsports New Track Edition Front Strut Brace!

    Veloster Suspension
    We've been at it again and after surveying the market and peoples interest we've decided to replace our Street Version Strut brace with the newly designed Track Version brace. Both our VT-ONE and Double Tube RACE Version upper strutbraces have been both performing and selling well while...
  4. Piercemotorsports First Annual Veloster Track Day/Meet May 9th!

    Veloster Turbo Events
    Hey Guys, Super excited to be able to announce this---we've been working on it for a couple of months and have got a day locked down with a good promoter/friend. The event will be held in Rosamond, California about an hour from Los Angeles at Willow Springs International Raceway! It'll be...
  5. Piercemotorsports Lower tiebars and Chassis Bracing Products

    Pierce Motorsports
    Ever since taking our Veloser turbo to the track, we've been working on ways to improve the handling, increase grip and overall improve the driving experience behind the wheel. After identifying some of the issues, we've started working on various idea's to help improve the platform. Currently...
  6. KSPORTS coilovers are now available for the VELOSTER/TURBO!!!

    Pierce Motorsports
    I'm excited to be the first to offer the Ksport coilovers for sale for the Veloster/Veloster Turbo here in the US. I've been working with Ksport for over 6 years now developing both roadrace and gravel products for both the BG and BF Mazda Protege/323 platforms. Over the last 10 years we've...