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  1. Veloster Appearance
    Spent my President's Day having some fun with plasti dip. I did my wheels (stock 2016), emblems and the front lip (don't have a great pic of that... it's just black instead of gray). First, cleaned and mask front and rear emblems (I shoved a plastic bag behind the front emblem, wasn't too keen...
  2. North Eastern Owners
    I just wanted to leave this little tip here for everyone in the MA, CT, or RI area...there is a shop in Walpole, MA named Boston dip and detail that does some pretty good plasti dipping for really good pricing. I stopped by last week to see some samples in person after getting a quote from the...
  3. Veloster Wheels and Tires
    My buddy has a 2-post lift and was able to get all 4 wheels off. Cleaned them, took off all the inserts, dipped and reversed the process. 3 coats of black from the rattle can and 2 coats of glossifer. It doesn't really show in the pic but it gave it a metallic look. :tyrannosaurus:
  4. Veloster Appearance
    This was my Sunday project. I also added LED footwell lighting. Pics on that coming later.... :cool2:
  5. Veloster Appearance
    I've tried twice now to plasti-dip my front and rear emblems black. On both occasions the dip was lifting off the emblems when I was trying to peel it away so I just yanked it off. I did 3 coats, letting them dry 30 minutes in between coats and they still pulled up. I decided to do the whole...
  6. Veloster Turbo Photos/Videos
    I know most of y'all don't know me yet seeing as I have only joined about a week ago.. I finally got some pictures to post since I have noticed most of the white ones are Elite white.. I do have decals under the windows, it looks like a reflection but it is indeed some nice looking decals that I...
  7. Veloster Appearance
    Here's an image I shot of my VT the other night and I'm using it play around with some Plasti-Dip colors. Definitely going with one of the BLAZE colors on a white base coat. I was originally set on orange but there's a white GTI in town with orange wheels and I want to be different. Now I'm set...
1-7 of 7 Results