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  1. Painted reflectors

    Veloster Appearance
    Ever since I got my VT I've wanted to remove the corner reflector in the headlights, so I bit the bullet Took me a while to get the light separated Then Just painted the reflector gloss black PlastiDip is still holding up great!
  2. Photoshop color help!

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    Alright so i have some yellow on my vt but im not sure if i want to stick with it or switch colors. Can anyone show me what it would look like it a lot of different colors using photoshp?
  3. Little Saturday Project - Plasti Dip Rims - Black

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    My buddy has a 2-post lift and was able to get all 4 wheels off. Cleaned them, took off all the inserts, dipped and reversed the process. 3 coats of black from the rattle can and 2 coats of glossifer. It doesn't really show in the pic but it gave it a metallic look. :tyrannosaurus:
  4. 1st ever attempt to plasti dip and paint calipers

    Veloster Appearance
    So this weekend I determined myself to plasti dip my wheels and paint the calipers since the wheels I wanted were backordered and who knows when I will be able to get them. I have never done plastidip but for a first timer I think it was not too bad. The only problem is that after it dried up...
  5. Plastidip/ Paint stock wheels

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    I have much experience plastidipping other cars, and random materials and textures. And the stuff works, theres no way to F it up, you can even get overspray all over the side of ur car and wipe it off with 1 swipe of a microfiber towl. Depending on the style of painting you can get anywhere...
  6. Plasti-dipped emblems and lost Veloster

    Veloster Appearance
    This was my Sunday project. I also added LED footwell lighting. Pics on that coming later.... :cool2:
  7. Can you plastidip your license plate?

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    In States where you must have front license plates, is it illegal to dip a license plate?
  8. Let Me See 'Em

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    Hello everyone, new member from Texas I'm thinking of plastidipping my turbo wheels but don't see very many pics. Hit me up with some pics YAWL!