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  1. High Pressure Fuel Pump Failure

    Veloster Turbo Problems / Help
    :crazy: Random oil check about 500 miles post oil change; Disaster on the dip stick!! I hate it when my dip stick comes out with debris all over it! Seriously though, oil looked like water, way over full with foreign material on the lower curled portion of the stick. One sniff confirmed my...
  2. How to remove fuel pump [IN TANK]/ Re-Install Fuel Pump VIA HYUNDAI MOTORS

    Veloster Performance
    1. Release residual pressure (Open gas cap) 2. Remove rear Seat(s) 3. Remove the fuel pump service cover (A). 4. Disconnect the fuel pump connector (A). 5. Disconnect the fuel feed tube quick connector (B) and the vapor tube quick-connector (D). 6. Disconnect the fuel pressure sensor...