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  1. 2019 Veloster ultimate manual

    VT2 Discussions
    Hello all! I recently picked myself up a 19 Veloster turbo ultimate and was hoping to replace the shifter, however I'm having a rough time finding an adapter for this. I know the r-specs have the threaded knob but the ultimates unfortunately do not. If anyone has found a solution to this all...
  2. For Sale Lots of stock parts and cosmo shifter for sale

    For Sale
    Hey guys I am currently in the process of cleaning out my garage. Here is what I have to sell so far. There may be more to come. Prices are negotiable i'm just spit balling. I will most likely accept offers as long as they arent insulting. First up is stock wheels. Wheels have about 12,000...
  3. Short throw shifters out there

    Veloster Performance
    BPS sts- Hyundai Veloster Short Shifter 2012+ Hi quality billet steel shifter that is aftermarket shifter only. Comes with a pull up reverse lockout adapter. Shifting rod and handle kit. Either silver or matte silver. Specs: .25" shorter, 35% reduction. Fits all model years. $209.95. Shifter...
  4. Tork Short Throw Shifter Review

    Tork Motorsports
    So I am finally getting around to doing this. Writing my review of Tork Motorsports' Short Throw Shifter. I was going to pair this with a DIY, but I didn't take any pictures. In all honesty, the Hyundai Tech Info site covers everything you'll need. (Body > Interior > Console & Manual Transaxle...