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  1. Security Chain Company SZ133 Super Z6 Cable Chain SZ133

    Product Reviews
    If anybody is wondering what or if chains will fit on our cars, I can confirm that The SZ133 from Security Chain Company work great! The clearance is perfect, there's no play in the cables once they're on and no scratches on the rims. Install is about as easy as any other snow chain (pain in...
  2. Karbon Koncepts - Weathertech Floorliner Digitalfit Floor Mats

    Karbon Koncepts
    Is Proud to Offer: Hyundai Veloster Weathertech Floorliner Digital Fit Floor Mats | Karbon Koncepts Description: [*=left]Just in time for the winter season. Weathertech brings you their Floorliner Digitalfit All season floor mats for your 2011+ Hyundai Veloster. [*=left]In the quest...
  3. Northeast members! Pics during Nemo!

    Veloster Turbo Discussions
    Here's my Elite White VT. I'm from Wallingford, CT. We're getting hammered but she's toughing it out Taken at 3pm 7pm 9pm I hope everyone is safe and have a great weekend!
  4. Blizzaks on the Veloster Turbo

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    Bought my car in late October and absolutely love my Vitamin C VT. Tinted windows and clear bra make it even nicer. Since I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and we get an average of 400+ inches of snow in the winter, I HAD to buy snow tires. The first snowfall found me skidding and...
  5. Winter driving

    Veloster Turbo Canada
    Looking for information on how Velostar performs on snowy highways. I am considering buying one but haven't decided Info would be appreciated.