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  1. Replacing Studs on Spacers

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    Hey, so i snapped a few of my studs on my spacers and i'm looking to replace the studs all around on the spacers. My spacers are 20mm I read that the m12x1.5 stock studs overall lenght front:49mm, so logic would dictate I require studs that are 69mms in length. My logic isnt always sound so im...
  2. fOR sALE - Garageline 20/25 spacers - OEM Matte Grey fuel lid - RED1.5 extented lugs+

    For Sale
    FOR SALE: got a few small items i wanna get rid of. someone can make use of them. ALL items avail from pick up at the Turbosocks meet this weekend. Garageline 20/25 spacers.used for 3 months (paid $185) make an offer. OEM hood vents and rear reflectors. (in excellent condition) - SOLD OEM...
  3. For Sale 15/20mm Garageline Spacers

    For Sale
    Selling my 15/20mm Garageline Spacers. Were on my VT for ~3,500 miles. All necessary bolts and hardware are included. Will sell for $115 + $10 S&H *PayPal Only plz **US 48 only (Sorry Aussie folks)
  4. Wheel spacer 8mm thin install

    Veloster Suspension
    After looking around and comparing, I ended up going with turbosock's recommendation, good 'ol auto'rice'zone. $35 later, 8mm spacers installed. I'm pleased, and after my first needed tire change, I'll try and go the widest tire on the stock rims. I'll be happy with that stance.
  5. Akata Spacers? Is 5mm even worth doing?

    Veloster Wheels and Tires
    I intend to replace my wheels at some point, but right now I don't have the money. I've been considering wheel spacers as a cheaper alternative, to hold me over. I found the following: 5mm Ferrari Wheel Spacers 5x114 3 5x108 CB 67 1 Black Anodized | eBay I've heard Akata spacers are good. I...