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    Hey guys, i'm needing to replace my spark plugs but I don't know exactly what the part number is for the plugs. When I bought the car, it didn't come with a manual cause the lazy owner "lost it." Any one know/ever replaced their SP? Thanks
  2. For Sale 2 x VT Auto ECU & 5 sets of OEM NGK VT plugs

    For Sale
    ECUs are gone. Also have 4 sets of the OEM NGK plugs. Brand new in box. $40 shipped each set Message me on here if you are interested.
  3. For Sale Lots of AFTERMARKET VT parts!

    For Sale
    so now that most all know I have traded the VT....I finally got around to taking a few pics to post here with my user name.... This is all I have left.... Blue engine dress up kit (will not prevent LSPI) $10 + shipping Rear Camber kit (Pierce kit) SOLD
  4. NGK Iridium heat range 8 plugs

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