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  1. This time I was lucky

    So, coming home, my usual 70mph in the 65 (that's almost the slowest among the rest of the cars) sometime going up to 75 than back to 70. Right front of me a Mustang GT just slaloming among the rest of the cars then gets into the right lane. Here comes a WRX STI pretty much cuts me off as he...
  2. Uh ohh, ok i got a ticket 104 in a 65! What happens!

    Ok so here it is, I was driving in Dekalb County north of atlanta. Im in the second lane From the left ( the first lane is a HOV lane). A car exits from Hov lane just one person driving in a Black escalade and slams on his breaks .. now at this time I'm doing 85 in a 65 so i understand i broke...