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  1. Anyone out there with a custom subwoofer enclosure?

    Veloster Electronics
    I'm and old school CRX "kid" with a '13 VT. While I have some ideas of my own -anyone out there with custom subwoofer enclosure(s) they are happy to share?
  2. Complete Sound System Installation

    Veloster Electronics
    I install the entire system myself and built my fiberglass sound mounted enclosure for a JL 12w3v3 in my Base V. Since i already posted about the box i built, i won't spend much time on that. Here is the thread if you are interested...
  3. Fiberglass Subwoofer Box Build

    Member Rides / Build Threads
    I have had my V for a few weeks now and ever since I drove it off the lot I have been contemplating what kind of box I was going to build; I wanted to maintain as much trunk space as possible. i was going to utilize the "spare tire" well, but decided to build one that goes against the passenger...
  4. Dimension Premium sound upgrade question...

    Veloster Electronics
    I was thinking about upgrading the amp and sub on my VT turbo, I currently have the stock 8 speaker Dimension Premium sound from factory. I was debating if I wanted to get a 5ch amp was considering Rockford Fozgate 1000w amp to enhance the sound of the speakers as well, or just getting a mono ch...
  5. Question for NAV and VT owners with aftermarket Subs

    Veloster Electronics
    Hello to all who loves bass as much as I do. One thing that hunts us when we want a booming vehicle is that horrible rattling. mainly in the back. I never owned a hatch. Well I have owned a ford explorer and it was bad. I have a 93 accord and I just have one ten, well its a Toby Sheriff so to...
  6. Anyone in the DFW (or TX) serious about bass?

    Veloster Electronics
    Seeing if there are anybody in the DFW area or surrounding locations that is interested in getting your vt with ultimate bass. If anyone is from the Fort Worth area and into the stereo world and especially specifically BASS you have heard of Toby Speakers. Though their ultimate attachments is...